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Body Collection Total Set

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This Set Includes Our:

4 oz Body Butter

4 oz Body Scrub

4 oz Body Wash

2 oz Body Oil

Shea Butter Bar Soap


Travel Bag

Body Butter

Our Body Butter is blended with butters and oils that make skin soft and smooth. Our Body Butter can be used as a moisturizer, to soothe redness and inflammation, to treat psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, etc,to soften cracked heels and for dry skin.  

Body Scrub

Our Sugar Scrub base is first formed and then is blended with a percent of our Body Butter & oil blend to give you that incredible combination of both of our products together!

Body Oil

Give yourself an extra glow with our Body Oil! A blend of light oils that won’t leave your pores clogged.

Body Wash

Of course our Body Wash is packed with our Shea Butter and oil blend to give the skin what it needs!  As you cleanse you are allowing the benefits that’s infused into our Body Wash to feed your skin!

Shea Butter Soap Bar

Our Shea Butter Soap Bar has of course our moisturizing oils such as grape seed and apricot blended along with Shea Butter.  Created to provide continued moisturizing while you cleanse!

If you love indulging in layering… 

Then this is the set for you!

We also have a set option with just the Body Butter, Body Oil and Shea Bar Soap!  More sets loading soon!

And of course more scents added soon!  So stay tuned!


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