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Fall Vessel Collection Candle

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Fall Vessel Collection Candle

Pick Your Wick!
(Wood or Cotton)


Cozy Home
A blend of warm vanilla, sugar & spices. Makes your home warm & cozy.

Pecan Pumpkin
A absolute Fall Favorite! A smell of pumpkin covered in maple sugar pecans.

Warm Sweet Cinnamon Bun 
A sweet cinnamon treat topped with the sweet topping of vanilla & cream

Sock It To Me
A buttery caramel vanilla blend  of sweet goodness

Pumpkin DeeLight
A sweet vanilla marshmallow pumpkin & spice blend.

Roasted Marshmallow
What’s fall without roasting marshmallows over a bonfire? Roasted sweet marshmallow over an open bonfire gives you a warm sweet woodsy musk scent.

Harvest Gathering
A blend of apples blended with a hint of orange & spices.

Fresh Autumn
A blend of bergamot, clove, citrus, followed by allspice, weathered amber and oak and completed with nutmeg, cinnamon bark, and cedar.

Fallin’ For Flannel
Bergamot, Mahogany and hints of soft musk. A warm & glowing scent.

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows
A sweet hot cocoa with marshmallows on a Fall day.
Maple Apple Toddy
Maple Butter Cream

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