About Scents On Purpose

About Scents On Purpose

Scents On Purpose is a candle making company started by Dee.  The company started because of the love that she has always had for scents and candles.  Scents On Purpose is made with our custom blended vegetable wax that is very giving with scents and lasting!  Located right in the middle of Ohio, Dee is getting people scented all over. Because she wanted to share her gift with the world that she creates with love. Dee loves keeping her custofam scented wit scents that’s lit!  She calls her customers custofam because they are more than customers.  
(The word Custofam she adopted from one of her sis in NC and loved it)

Currently being sold in a few locations in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan and  other states added soon, and staying lit in a few businesses!  Scents On Purpose Creative Studio located in Olde Towne East in Columbus, Ohio.  And has also been traveling to grow even more!  
Scents On Purpose By Dee has been featured, seen and heard on and in many media/news outlets. With the most recent interview with Sybil Wilkes that landed on Black America Web, and multiple radio shows.

Scents On Purpose Candles and Wax Melts are created using our custom blend of vegan wax in phthalate free oils.

Pursue Excellence

At Scents On Purpose the goal is to provide our custofam (customers) with the best quality of products that we are able to source.  Since starting the brand that has been the focus.  I consistently spend time researching and testing products to ensure I’m providing the best for our custofam.  I use the word custofam because I believe our customers are so much more than customers; they become family and we grow together. 

Know Our Custofam

Learning and understanding their needs by engaging with them and listening to them.  They have helped build the brand and play a major part in the growth of Scents On Purpose. 

Make A Difference

Which has been a mission in my personal life that was a mission to incorporate in my business as well.  Making a difference in the community by being there and assisting where there’s a need that I can meet.  Whether it’s making monetary donations or volunteering my time to help. Providing other businesses a platform for them to accelerate and thrive.  Also offering students the opportunity to come learn entrepreneurship.

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