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3 Wick Candles

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3 Wick Candle


Scent List

Glow Up 
Clean & sweet scent

Sweet Watermelon 
Juicy watermelon with a hint of Glow Up

Island Paradise
A fresh twist of citrus

Black Excellence  
Hint of Coconut, Pineapple, Mango with a splash of Island paradise

Exotic Tropical
A blend of tropical types of fruit with sweetness and a slight hint of grapefruit.

Purple Sorbet 
Refreshing fruit smoothie

Cherry Almond 
A blend of Cherry & Almond
Strawberry Dream

Sweet pineapple

The sweet smell of Fruit Loops

Sock It To Me 
Sweet goodness mixed with vanilla & Carmel

Sugar Coated 
A hint of vanilla, sugar and berries with a very light musk
Red Velvet Cake
This is our blend to give you the truest sweet smell of Red Velvet Cake

Pink Sugah 
A vanilla & candy sweet blend with a light hint of floral

Day Dreamin’
Soft scent of white floral with a slight hint of sweetness

Late Night Cashmere

A blend of White Birchwood, Tonka Bean, Santal, Cream & our Day Dreamin’

Japanese Cherry Blossom

A beautiful soft floral smell that includes the calming smell of Jasmine. Graceful is such a beautiful and relaxing scent
Fresh Rose Water
A blend of Rose Water & Sandalwood 

Vanilla Lavender 
A fresh blend of vanilla & lavender

Soft & Soothing

Soothing chamomile, lavender, hint of cedar wood blended with our Refresh Lit that gives off a scent of lemon.

Fresh Linen 
Fresh & clean

Sun Dried Linen 
Fresh Linen kissed by the sun!  Lemon fresh scent.

Just Cleaned

A fresh clean scent that smells just like you’ve just finished cleaning and doing laundry!

Eucalyptus Blend 
Eucalyptus with mint and a hint of sweetness

Calm & Cleansing
Made with Palo Santo

Lotus Bamboo 
Sandalwood with a hint of grapefruit

Refresh Lit
Blend of lemon & lemongrass
Sweet Serenity 
A blend of pineapple of sage that gives you a feel of a moment tropical relaxation.

A blend of mahogany & teakwood

Mahogany Coconut 
A blend of mahogany and coconut with a slight hint of lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and amber musk

Cocoa Cashmere - (Comforting)
Cocoa butter blended wit a hint of vanilla, musk & slight hint of spice

A blend of Amber, Musk & Cardamom

A blend of Amber, Oakmoss & Tonka Bean



In this blend you can catch a whiff of leather with some notes of amber and spice.

Sea Breeze

An ozonic sea scent

Caribbean Sunrise 

Caribbean Sunrise you’ll pick up scents of orange melon and hint of coconut.  It’s a great bright pick me up combination!

Summer Breeze
A cool crisp scent base that has hints of berries, apple, bergamot with a splash of amber & a pinch of lavender. 

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