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Creamy Lotion - Body Butter

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Body Butter Lotion

Butters for skin and oils blended in a form of a lotion that you can use a pump.  We have blended in a hydrating serum that is known to help with restoring skin barrier to retain moisture.


Glow Up

Clean & sweet scent 

Black Excellence

Hint of Coconut, Pineapple, Mango with a splash of Island paradise

Cherry Almond

Blend of Cherry and almond

Sweet Success

Sweet cream & honey

Day Dreamin’

Soft scent of white floral with a slight hint of sweetness

Eucalyptus Mint Blend

Eucalyptus with mint and a hint of sweetness 


A blend of mahogany & teakwood 

Egyptian Musk

A clean musk

Vanilla Lavender

A fresh blend of vanilla & lavender 


Although we have selected ingredients that can be used on all skin types, we still recommend you first apply on small area of skin.

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