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Room & Car Fragrance Spray

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Scent List

Glow Up 
Clean & sweet scent

Island Paradise
A fresh twist of citrus

Black Excellence  
Hint of Coconut, Pineapple, Mango with a splash of Island paradise
Purple Sorbet 
Refreshing fruit smoothie

Sweet pineapple

The sweet smell of Fruit Loops

Sugar Coated 
A hint of vanilla, sugar and berries with a very light musk

Day Dreamin’
Soft scent of white floral with a slight hint of sweetness

Late Night Cashmere

A blend of White Birchwood, Tonka Bean, Santal, Cream & our Day Dreamin’

Fresh Rose Water
A blend of Rose Water & Sandalwood 

Vanilla Lavender 
A fresh blend of vanilla & lavender

Eucalyptus Blend 
Eucalyptus with mint and a hint of sweetness

Calm & Cleansing
Made with Palo Santo

Refresh Lit
Blend of lemon & lemongrass

A blend of mahogany & teakwood

Sacred/ The Gift

A blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood 

Cocoa Cashmere - (Comforting)
Cocoa butter blended wit a hint of vanilla, musk & slight hint of spice


Sea Breeze

An ozonic sea scent

Caribbean Sunrise 

Caribbean Sunrise you’ll pick up scents of orange melon and hint of coconut.  It’s a great bright pick me up combination!

Just Cleaned

A fresh clean scent that smells just like you’ve just finished cleaning and doing laundry!

So Fresh So Clean

A fresh classic masculine scent

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